Use of Rancho Monserate Country Club Facilities For Private Functions

Approved by RMCC Board of Directors March, 2012


Clubhouse:   includes Fireside Room, East Room, West Room, Card Room, Kitchen, Poker Room, Billiard Room, and Library.  Only the Fireside Room, East Room, West Room, Card Room, and Kitchen are available for parties or gatherings.

Pool:   includes pool, Jacuzzi and fenced pool area.

Tennis Court:   refers to the court and canopied rest area.

Golf Course:   includes practice net and putting green.

19th Hole Faciliti:   Fire Pit Patio, enclosed 19th Hole patio and the 19th Hole building.

Chapel:   refers to the Chapel building.

Burchett Park:   refers to the Pond area park and Gazebo.

Good Standing:   Owner/Resident who has no outstanding debts owed to the Homeowners Association.


Certain recreational facilities of RMCC are for the exclusive use of Owner/Residents, these facilities being Pool, Tennis Court, Golf Course, Burchett Park, Billiard Room, Poker Room, Library and the 19th Hold Building.  These facilities may not be used by guests during private functions.  It is the responsibility of the owner/resident to ensure that guests follow all rules.


  1. A memorial for a deceased resident may be held free of charge in the clubhouse or chapel, see general rules below.
  2. An Owner/Resident may request use of the Chapel, Clubhouse (maximum 100 people), or the 19th Hole Patio or Fire Pit Patio.  Owner/Resident must be present at all times.  A refundable $200.00 deposit plus a $25.00 non-refundable linen charge, will be required upon application to reserve facilities.  (1/06/12)
  3. The 19th Hole Enclosed Patio may not be reserved prior to sunset.


  1. Any social event scheduled by the Park Social Committee will take precedence ovwer any owner/resident requested event.  For the day (24 hour period) of such a park event by the Social Committee, no other park facilities may be reserved.  (This does not pertain to regularly scheduled groups using the clubhouse, i.e. card groups, chorus, etc.).
  2. Memorial Services of a spouse are free of charge.  You must contact the office prior to the date you wish, to make sure it is available.  There is no charge for setting up the room.  If you need a Clergyman or Master of Ceremonies, you must engage such a person and pay for their services.  If you need someone to coordinate a luncheon or refreshments, you must make the arrangements and pay for those services.  If you need assistance, you may call the Office for information.  We do not automatically offer these services.
  3. You must sign-up for a personal party one month in advance in the OFfice.
  4. Back-to-back parties, or events (including Memorial Services) can not be scheduled or permitted on the weekends.  There is no janitorial service from Friday morning until Monday morning.
  5. Any commercial use of the common area must be approved by the Board. (12-09)
  6. All functions must be over by 11:00 P.M.  The only exception is New Years Eve.  Loud noise is not permitted in the Patio area after 10:00 P.M.
  7. Smoking shall not be allowed in any indoor common area facility including but not limited to the 19th Hold patio area, enclosed portions of the tennis courts, pool and spa area or within twenty feet of any entrance to any indoor facility.  (09-10)
  8. We do not have a liquor license, so if you serve it, you assume the risk.  Agreed by _________________.
  9. Parties with more than 50% of the people outside of the park or with children under 18 years of age must have a Security Guard on duty for the entire event.  It is your responsibility to hire one of our Security Guards at a cost of $10.00 per hour.
  10. Automobile parking is permitted only on Dulin Road.
  11. No decorations may be attached to walls.  Only existing hooks on ceiling and light fixtures can be used.
  12. No Clubhouse furnishings may be used outside.
  13. Entertainers must provide their own sound system.
  14. Candles, rice, birdseed, confetti or sparklers are not permitted.
  15. Park Security must be notified of all events.

The Association Social Committee plans and arranges park events on a regular basis.  If a resident/owner wishes to ask the Chairman or a Committee Member to assist in decorating or helping with their private event, the appropriate compensation of $10.00 per hour should be arranged between the parties.


  1. All areas must be left in the condition in which they were found.
  2. Setting up and returning all furniture used to its proper place is the full responsibility of the Owner/Resident reserving the facility and must be coordinated with the office.
  3. All table tops and kitchen counters must be clean.
  4. Kitchen floors, hall floor and entry floor must be clean and carpets vacuumed.
  5. All trash bags must be deposited outside, in dumpster near ice machine (including restroom trash bgs).
  6. BBQs must be cleaned and turned off, if used.
  7. All appliances used must be cleaned and returned to their proper place.
  8. All air conditioning and/or heat must be turned off and all lights turned off.
  9. A final meeting within twenty-four (24) hours of use with the Office Manager will determine the condition of the premises.  The refundable deposit or part thereof will be refunded at that time.