Our community is governed by the Board of Directors, which consists of members elected for alternating two year terms.   

The Board's primary job is to maintain and enhance property values within Rancho Monserate.  This includes common area facilities as well as the value of individual units.

The Board sets assessments at an appropriate level to fully fund reserves for the future repair and/or replacement of the common assets as well as funding the day to day operational needs of the community.   It ensures we have reasonable and enforceable rules and restrictions that require proper maintenance and upkeep of all homes in the community and uniformly enforce those rules and restrictions.

The Board allows property owners to fully utilize their property with a minimum of restrictions to encourage investment in upgrades and new homes.

The biggest challenge of the Board is to balance the restrictions within the community with the ever-changing perceptions of senior community living, thereby creating one of the most desirable and valuable senior communities in Inland San Diego County.

For those potential buyers of a home in the park, the relevant documents, current as of today, are listed below.  Take a look at the requirements for living here; click on any link.   We are not responsible for any that are out of date in the future.

board of directors

Connie Nelson, President            Bunny Campbell, Vice President              Toni Elarbee , Secretary   
Mike Marcin, Treasurer                 Nick Zoch,  Director                           


This map provides all the space numbers and street names.