Rancho Monserate Golfing Señoras

Standing Rules

I.     Any resident golfer who wishes to join the Rancho Monserate Golfing Señoras (hereinafter known as Señoras) is warmly welcomed to golf on Tuesday play day and to attend luncheons. Her obligations are:

    1. She must proceed to establish a handicap by playing and submitting five nine (9) or eighteen (18) hole score cards in the slotted section labeled “Temporary Handicaps at the 19th Hole. Score cards must be properly attested and marked for the Handicap Chairperson. All games MUST be played to Rules of Golf.
    2. She must pay membership dues (currently $15.00 per year) after she has submitted her five temporary scores for handicap.
    3. The first five games, which can be played at any time, establish a temporary handicap and allow entry into the sweeps on Tuesday play days. To receive a permanent, established handicap, she must submit twenty (20) properly attested and adjusted score cards.

II.     There are two golfing groups, one playing nine and one playing eighteen holes. There are two flights, A & B, within each group. At the end of nine holes, a 9-hole player may continue playing. Conversely, an 18-hole player may stop golfing; however, if this occurs, she is withdrawn from competition for sweeps as the game and handicap are based on 18 holes being played.

    1. Players may stipulate at the beginning of the month which group she wishes to join, resulting in a change of handicap status.
    2. Foursomes can consist of a mixture of 9-hole and 18-hole players, or all 9 or all 18-hole players, depending on the decision of the monthly starters.
    3. Players may be paired with cart partners by request for reasons of health or weather.

III.     House guests are permitted to attend a luncheon meeting when proper reservations are made, however, a six dollar ($6.00) fee is charged for each guest.

IV.     Guests may golf, but not compete, with the member hostess by registering and paying the established guest golf fee.

V.     To compete in a major tournament, any member with an established handicap must have played in at least five (5) games, with the Señoras on Tuesday play days, during the previous three (3) months to be eligible. Scrambles do not qualify. In case of prolonged illness or injury, a member may request the Board to consider a waiver of eligibility requirements. (Revised 11-1-05)

VI.      All women short-term renters in Rancho Monserate may pay, play and compete weekly on Tuesday play days. She is not eligible to compete in the President’s Cup or Club Championship tournaments. She is expected to serve on a luncheon committee at least once during her stay.

VII.     Handicaps for the 18-hole players are based on 18 holes, not 9 holes.

VIII.     All active and social members shall serve on a luncheon committee once a year. Exceptions are made for health or other extenuating circumstances. If a member is unable to serve in her designated month, it is necessary that she obtain a substitute and notify the Luncheon Director.

IX.     If a member is unable to attend the luncheon after the sign-up sheet is taken down, she should notify one of the luncheon committee members whose names appear in the month’s Las Noticias newsletter. If the excuse is illness or an unexpected emergency, there is no charge. For any other reason, she shall reimburse the committee for the luncheon fee.

X.     All attested and legitimate scores from games played any day shall be posted and used to determine players’ handicaps. The following score cards must be kept by all players in each starting group:

    1. One card for Sweeps, showing all players names and scores in the starting group.
    2. One for the ringer, showing only ringer participants (refer to number XIV: A-4 for further details on scoring the ringer card).
    3. One card shall be kept by each player in a starting group to be used to verify the scores recorded for Sweeps and ringer players.

XI.     Standing rules may be amended by a majority vote of the Club members present and voting at any meeting.

XII.    Policies and Playing Rules

    1. A member who picks up her ball on any hole played in that day’s tournament is eliminated from participation in that day’s event.
    2. Players must be present no later than fifteen (15) minutes before scheduled tee off time.
    3. If rain begins after play has started, the decision to continue play shall be at the discretion fo the monthly starters.
    4. Dress for golf should conform to USGA standards. No short shorts or halter-tops are permitted. Only golf shoes (no steel spikes) or soft shoes similar to tennis shoes are allowed on the golf course.

XIII.    Events:   Events are as shown below but may include additional planned tournaments:

    1. Ringer:  Players wishing to participate in the Ringer pay for dollars ($4.00) per year entry fee. (May be prorated per quarter.) She may join any time during the tree-month interval. Quarters begin the first day of March, June, September and December. The ringer Chair will post records on the bulletin board at the 19th Hole before the start of each Tuesday play day.

      1. The first month’s handicap for each quarter will be used to determine Low Net at the end of each quarter.

      2. Either Flight A or B that a member is playing in for the first month of each quarter will be used to determine Low Gross and Low Net at the end of each quarter. When changing between Groups, (nine holes and eighteen holes) the first month’s handicap of the quarter will determine the Flight; (I.e., one-half of the players handicap, established for 18-hole, A or B Flight, will be used when changing to the 9-hole A or B Flight. Conversely, when changing from the 9-hole A or B Flight to the 18-hole A or B Flight, the player’s 9 hole handicap will be doubled and used for the 18 hole A or B handicap.)

      3. Players may change play between the 18 and 9-hole groups or vice versa at any time during the three-month interval. However, players must notify the ringer Chair that she is changing from on group to the other. Any score recorded for 18 or 9-hole players will be removed a new record of 9 or 18 hold scores will begin for the quarter.

      4. The Ringer score card submitted should include only the participants’ names and total strokes for each hole played. The card should not include any other results or marks.

      5. Ringer results will be posted at the end of each quarter. Low Gross and Low Net awards will be paid to the winners of 18 and 9-hole A and B flights, respectively.

    2. President’s Cup Tournament: Within six (6) weeks following the September meeting, eighteen (18) and nine (9) hole Match Play Tournaments shall be scheduled. All eligible members may compete. (Refer to number V for eligibility requirements) Champion receives $25.00 and runner-up $15.00 for both 18-holers and 9-holer.

    3. Club Championship Tournament: This tournament will be played on the last three Tuesdays in May, at no extra fee. The 18-hole group will play in an 18-hole competition and 9-hole group will play in a 9-hole competition. Each contestant will keep a score card for all three play days. In addition, a Master and ringer card shall be kept for each foursome. Championship awards for each group will be based on low gross and low net scores for A and B Flights in each group. In the event there are less that sixteen players, only on Flight is require for each of the nine and eighteen hole groups. Champion (low gross) receives $25.00 and low net receivesj$15.00 for both 18-holers and 9-holers.

    4. Hole-in-One: A hole-in-one by a member with a temporary or an established handicap is recognized only on Tuesday play days for all games played with an attested score card. Games played shall include scrambles, but excludes second shots by designated hitter.

      1. A player making a hole-in-one during sanctioned club play shall receive a cash award of fifty dollars ($50.00).

      2. The Membership Chair shall purchase a hole-in-one trophy and have it and the permanent plaque engraved. Subsequent engravings, limited to the first three holes-in-one, will be recorded by date on the trophy and on the plaque kept at the 19th Hole. (Disposition of the award money is the recipient’s choice, whether it is given at a celebration party for all members in good standing, or contributing to the cost of the luncheon beverage, or used in any other manner she so chooses.)

    5. Eagle:   A player making an eagle during sanctioned club play shall receive a cash award of five dollars ($5.00).

    6. Members shall vote to determine if birdies count on all holes or only selected holes. Chip-ins count on any hole.

    7. On scramble days only closest to the pin and chip-ins are rewarded.

XIV.     Rules:     If any questions arise on the course regarding rules, players shall play two balls for the hole. When play is completed, applicable rules shall be checked with the rules Chairperson for a ruling, and score card adjusted accordingly.

XV.     Complaints:     For consideration of the Board any complaints, suggestions or criticisms must be in writing and signed.

Revised: September 2010