One Call Now Phone System

October 17, 2014

Below is the One Call Policy for Rancho Monserate which was adopted by the Board to ensure that the system is used to transmit information without disturbing those who do not wish to receive certain calls.  You may opt out of all calls, except those from the disaster committee, by notifying the Office in writing.  The system is not to be used for notification of death, personal notices or any form of advertising other than announcements by the social committee.

The primary purpose of the One Call Now System is to disseminate emergency and other information that is deemed necessary and appropriate by the Board and/or Management.  A secondary benefit of this system allows clubs, groups and organizations to send timely messages to their members.

The Board, the disaster team leader, management and the maintenance staff shall have access to the master group and shall have the privilege to send messages related to disasters, major emergencies or other important information.

Each secondary group may have two leaders who will be issued a pin number and they shall have the privilege to send messages to the members of their respective groups.  Leaders may be members of one or more groups and will be assigned privileges accordingly.

Since the intent is to benefit the community members, not disturb them, the One Call Now System shall be used at a minimum and with discretion.