This webpage will be most useful to all residents and golfers. We hope it helps protect our course and increases everyone’s enjoyment of the game.

“The Board” refers to Rancho Monserate Country Club Homeowners Association Board of Directors.


Golf course opens at 8:00 a.m.
• Course opens at 8:30 a.m. in December and January
• Course is closed for a period of time due to frost, water or inclement weather
• Mondays – closed until 2:00 p.m. for maintenance except on holidays
• Tuesday mornings – Golfing Señoras until play is completed
• Thursday mornings – Men’s 18 hole group
• Thursday afternoons – Men’s 9 hole group, depending on number of players, may close course until play is completed

At times, all carts may be required to stay on paths due to course conditions.

During the hours of play, only golf carts involved with golfing are allowed on the course. Pets are not permitted on the golf course and may not be transported to the river walk while the course is open. Before the course opens, residents and accompanied guests may walk on the course, or use a golf cart to transport a pet or trash to the river road.


Golf course Marshals will be responsible for the enforcement of all rules pertaining to the golf course, chipping green, putting green and the practice net area, including the lawn area between the cart path and the tennis courts. Refer to specific rules for Handicapped Golfers and Privileged Players in Sections 6 and 9.

The Board may revoke golf privileges of any person violating the Golf Course Rules.

On the Course
1. Non-transferable membership granting golf privileges will be issued to no more than two (2) resident persons in any one unit.
2. No more than foursomes are permitted on the course. Special tournaments, such as park scrambles, requiring closing of the course will be sanctioned by the Board.
3. The Putting green and practice cage are considered a part of the golf course and are closed until 2:00 p.m. on Mondays. Chipping onto the putting green is not allowed.
4. Golfers playing a practice round may keep no more than two (2) balls in play. Only one ball is allowed if players behind are being held up.
5. No additional practice chipping, putting, etc., is allowed on the main course at any time, except in the practice area located in the center of the golf course.
6. Golf lessons are not permitted on the golf course, except for sponsored organizational events approved by the Board.
7. Retrieving balls that enter the lake is not allowed. Any person who causes damage to the lakeside rock dikes will be held responsible for their repair.
8. Use WOOD tees to drive off between tee markers. Plastic tees damage the mowers.
9. When removing your ball or replacing the pin, do not damage the rim of the cup.
10. If traffic ropes interfere with your swing, they may be dropped and immediately replaced. Do not move the ropes.

Guests and Children
1. All guests must be accompanied by a resident who will register guests on the registration sheet kept in the 19th Hole Starters' Room before play begins.
2. Residents are responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests while on the golf course.
3. Guest fees will be established by the Greens Committee and posted in the 19th Hole Starters' Room with instructions for payment.
4. All guest golfers must have their own bag and clubs.
5. Residents may invite guests, not to exceed two (2) foursomes per unit, including the resident. Special permission for a larger group requires advance permission from the Board Liaison to the Greens Committee or designee.
6. Children under the age of 16 years will not be permitted on the golf course, unless he or she is accompanied by a resident and remains in the golf cart at all times. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to drive golf carts on the course.
7. Players under 16 years of age are allowed to play after 2:00 p.m. on Fridays during the months of June, July and August when accompanied by a resident. Junior Golf Organizational play and tournaments must be approved by the Board.

Golf Carts and Hand Carts
1. Powered carts must stay on the cart paths and may not be driven on fairways, rough or tee boxes at any time.
2. Keep powered and hand carts a minimum of 15 feet from any green.
3. Do not pull hand carts across tee boxes.
4. All golf carts on the golf course must have the resident’s space number on both sides of the cart. This is for your protection if you require medical assistance. Numbers are available at the office.

Golf Bags and Cart Tags
1. All golfers must play with their own set of clubs
2. Rancho Monserate tags issued by the office must be placed on the golf bag or pull cart so as to identify the player as a resident to allow play without charge.

Golf Shoes and Clothing
1. Golf shoes with metal spikes are prohibited. Only soft spiked golf shoes or soft shoes such as tennis shoes are allowed.
2. All players must dress appropriately when using the golf course. Tank tops or underwear type shirts are not allowed. Shorts must be no shorter than 5” above the knee. Men must wear shirts. Women may not wear halter tops.


The following rules are exceptions to the USGA Rules of Golf to accommodate our players and/or our course. For Official USGA rules, visit their website at
1. Lies may be improved anywhere on the course except in hazards by moving the ball not more than six (6) inches, not nearer the hole, with no penalty. Balls may be cleaned in the process.
2. Bare ground at any place on the course, except between the rocks on hole #5, is considered ground under repair. Balls may be placed at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole, keeping any hazard or object in line of flight. No penalty.
3. Hillsides . . . Holes #1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9:  If a ball is hit onto a hillside, it may be played as it lies, or upon penalty of one stroke, placed on level ground, directly below the hillside where the ball is declared by all players deemed to have come to rest, not nearer to the hole. Because of hillside dangers, it is not necessary to find the ball. It may also be replayed from the tee for a one stroke penalty.
4. Barrancas . . . Holes #2, 7, 8, and 9:  Balls hit into the barrancas may be played as they lie, or may be declared unplayable or lost and replayed from the tee, or from the flat ground away from the green, for a one stroke penalty. Please note that because the barrancas are considered a hazard, grounding the club is not permitted .
5. Bridges . . . Holes #2, 7, 8 and 9: If a ball comes to rest on a bridge, it may be played where it lies or moved to flat ground away from the green, no closer to the hole. No penalty.
6. Hole #5 . . . Balls hit into the water may be replayed from the tee box using a tee, or a drop where the flight of the ball first crossed the water. Balls unplayable in the rocks along the pond, are considered “in the water” and may be placed two (2) club lengths, no closer to the hole. A ball in the rocks next to the green, if unplayable, can be dropped, in the line of flight, if no closer to the hole. Each placement occurring is a one stroke penalty.
7. Fairway Markers . . . Holes #2, 3 and 7: Arborvitae bushes are 100 yards to center of the green.  Some holes - fairways have red pavers at 50 yards from the center of the green.


• Please be respectful of course Marshals. They are responsible for your safety, enforcement of our golf course rules and for expediting play.
• Golfers starting their play on Hole #1 will extend courtesy to golfers who have finished play on the 9th green, if they are going to continue their play.
• If a backlog exists on any hole, move ahead and leave at least one hole open behind you.
• Do not speak or move when near another player who is about to make a shot.
• Do not stand close to or directly behind another player who is addressing the ball.
• Play without delay. Limit practice swings. When it is your turn, be ready to make your shot.
• Replace all divots.
• Rake smooth all club marks and foot prints before leaving the bunker. Leave the rake in the bunker, one on each side, handle parallel to the fairway.
• No one should make a shot when other players are within range. Always yell “FORE” if your ball is headed towards another player or homes bordering the course.
• Minimize lost balls and prevent being struck by watching each player’s shots.
• Let faster players play through if there is an open hole in front of you and/or your group.
• Repair ball marks immediately upon reaching the green.
• Avoid walking on players putting line.
• Do not allow your shadow to fall over the cup or across the line of another players putt.
• After holing out, remove your ball from the cup before other players putt.
• Check score and mark your card at the next tee.


All requests for a Blue Handicap Flag must be made by filling out and signing the Request for Handicap Flag form. The form is available at the RMCC Homeowners Office. Applicant will provide requested documentation to support the need for the Handicap Flag.


1. A resident who has been issued a Disabled Person Parking Placard from the DMV. The resident will provide a copy of the DMV's Disabled Person Placard Identification Card/Receipt.
2. A resident who sustains a permanent disability. The resident will provide a copy of their doctor’s report confirming this is a permanent condition.
3. A resident who currently possesses a Handicapped Golfers Flag will be required to renew their request once every two (2) years, during the month of July, after the DMV has issued a new placard, by providing the Identification Card/Receipt to the office. A new request can be made at anytime.
4. A resident who has a need for a temporary Handicapped Golfers Flag.  The resident will provide a copy of their doctor’s report confirming a “temporary” condition and the estimated length of time the flag will be needed.
5. A resident who wants a day permit for a handicapped guest golfer.  Contact the RMCC office.  Return the permit after expiration to the RMCC Office.

Rules and Regulations

All handicapped golfers must adhere to all golf course rules, including etiquette, care of the course, etc., except as otherwise noted specifically in this section B.

1. A blue Handicap Flag must be displayed at all times when on the golf course.
2. Use of the Handicap Flag by other than the designated person, will result in cancellation of said flag after the normal enforcement process.
3. Handicapped golfers who loan their carts to others must remove the blue flag if possible or roll and tie it and instruct the person(s) using the cart that they are to play using standard course rules.
4. Handicap rules do not apply to the non-handicapped golfer riding or playing with the handicapped golfer.
5. Handicapped golfers may drive into the rough to retrieve or play their shot unless the course has been posted as “Wet Conditions Apply”. Under these conditions, no one may leave the cart path.
6. Under certain weather or turf-grass conditions, handicapped golfers may be temporarily restricted from using certain types of assistive devices.
7. Hole #9, the area between the fairway and pool, is not considered rough and carts are not allowed. The area is steep, considered dangerous and handicapped golfers should take special precautions on the hill.

8. Handicapped golfers must utilize the "90 Degree Rule", (drive directly across the fairway to his or her ball, play the ball or pick it up and return directly to the cart path).  Driving down the fairway is not allowed.
9. Handicapped golfers may not drive onto the tee boxes under any circumstances. Provisions to aid handicapped players on Holes #5 and #6 are stated as follows:

  • Hole #5, golfers who are unable to walk up the hill may drive their cart to the back of the bench (by driving up on the east side of the restrooms), walk the flat area to the tee markers and after taking their shot, turn their cart around to drive back down the same slope.
  • Hole #6, golfers who are unable to climb the stairs, may use the alternate gold tee markers to the right of the cart path.

10. Avoid driving over sprinkler heads and control valves.
11. Under no circumstances should motorized carts come closer than fifteen (15) feet of the green.


1. Handicapped golfers observed not adhering to any of the rules, under which a Handicapped designation has been given and a flag issued, will be notified in writing by the RMCC Marshals and the broken rule referenced.

  • The first offense will generate a written warning citing the offense(s) and a warning issued not to repeat the stated infraction.
  • The second offense will rescind the use of Handicap Flag for a period of threemonths. An RMCC Marshal will pick up the flag and return it at the end of the three month period, providing no further infractions during the probation period have occurred.
  • A third offense will terminate the use of the Handicap Flag for a period of one year from the date of the offense. The flag will be picked up by a RMCC Marshal upon notification by the Greens Committee to do so. The resident will be required to reapply after the one year period has expired.


Golf course Marshals are responsible for the enforcement of all rules and regulations pertaining to the golf course, chipping green, putting green, and the practice net area, including the lawn area between the cart path and the tennis courts.

  • An appropriate number of Marshals will be appointed sufficient for coverage of the above areas. Marshals are identified by Red Marshal Flags prominently mounted on their golf carts. The Marshals are appointed by the Greens Committee from the active membership of the Men’s and Señoras Golfers.
  • Marshals will report any violations to the office.


The Greens Committee consists of five (5) members, all of whom must be full-time owner/residents of RMCC and are appointed as follows:
• One person is appointed from the Señoras 18 Hole golfers
• One person is appointed from the Señoras 9 Hole golfers
• One person is appointed from the Men’s 18 Hole golfers
• One person is appointed from the Men’s 9 Hole golfers
Each person will be appointed from the active membership of the above clubs by said clubs.
• The fifth person is appointed by the Board Liaison.

The Board Liaison will not have a vote on the Committee. The Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board, in matters involving the golf course operations. Duties include landscape and maintenance review, golf course rules and regulations, greens fee evaluation and capital improvement suggestions.


Single residents may designate a non-resident golfing partner for a period of one year.  This Privileged Player may play with the sponsoring resident only without charge.

Apply for the Single Resident Guest Privilege Pass at the RMCC Office and provide the name and address of the individual to receive this pass.  The pass will show both the Resident's and the Privilege Player's names and Pass Number and will be retained by the resident.

The resident will register the Privilege Player at the 19th Hole for each play session, showing the date, name of resident and pass number.  The sponsoring resident must be with the privilege player while on the golf course and will be responsible for the conduct of the Privilege Pass user at all times.  Privilege Players must adhere to all golf course rules, including etiquette, care of the course, etc.  Any abuse of this privilege will result in immediate termination of the pass.  Privilege Player passes will be reissued on an annual basis.