• Respond to the EAP Committee's questionnaire
  • Let the Committee know your special needs as well as your special abilities and/or resources
  • Maintain a minimal Emergency Pack per the following list
  • Prepare a household inventory for your own use
  • Participate in quarterly emergency drills if requested by the Committee
  • Turn off your utilities in the event of an emergency
  • In an emergency, cooperate with your designated Block Captain or other authorities
  • In an emergency, provide assistance to others, as previously planned
  • If you need help with any situation, contact your designated Block Captain or any other Committee member
  • Each homeowner is responsible for the well being of their own pets


The following is a minimum list of what you might need to service for three (3) days, and be able to go on with your life afterwards.  Each individual should have these items packed and ready to go at a moment's notice.  There may be other specific items that are needed by an individual, and should be included if required.  However the total weight of the pack should not exceed what you yourself can carry.  So fill your pack carefully.

Items that should be included:

Money Bottled water (1 gal per day)
Photo copies of important documents Bleach for purifying water
Emergency phone numbers Pot for boiling water
Prescription medicines Dried food
Small first aid kit Matches
Battery powered radio Toilet Paper
Flashlight Sanitized wiping tissues
Extra batteries Large plastic bags
Cell phone with charger Multi-use pocket knife or tools
Heavy coat, preferably rain proof Sturdy shoes
Change of clothes Blanket
Pet carrier and pet food, if necessary Duct tape


The above information has been provided by the RMCC Emergency Assistance Plan Committee in an effort to provide information and a possible method of assistance in the event of an emergency.  This document does not guaranteed that the Committee or the Board of Directors has any liability to provide assistance, or for the information provided.