Changes in Staff

June 14, 2013

During the past several months and throughout the budgeting process, the Board has been evaluating the funds we spend on various staff positions and how they benefit the community as a whole.  At the conclusion of this process the Board voted unanimously to eliminate the nightly patrol and fund a new maintenance person to work side by side with Simon.  We will continue to staff a "lock up" person to ensure that the common area buildings are secure at night and that buildings will be accessible on weekends.

Several changes to our security system, locking mechanisms and key systems will be implemented over the next several months and we will keep you apprised of those changes that will directly affect you and/or your guests.  Those of you who have not picked up your Pool and Tennis Court keys should do so as soon as possible because those keys will become an integral part of the new system.

The Board realizes that this represents a significant change to the community and understands that it may be disconcerting to some.  However we feel that this change is appropriate and will allow future Boards to control rising costs while upgrading the community and its amenities.  It will be important for all owners and residents to take all the necessary steps to protect their homes and personal property.  We will continue to support and promote the Neighborhood Watch Program along with other steps that may arise in the future.

For any emergency that threatens life or property please call 911.  For any suspicious activity, soliciting or any other unusual situation, please call the sheriff's non-emergency number, 760-728-1113 which is also listed in your resident directory.

  • Thank you for your support
  • The Board of Directors